Tricks Casinos Use on You

Tricks Casinos Use on You

Casinos are one of the psychological entertainment establishments that you can ever experience. There is a lot more going around in a casino that you might not be aware of. The tricks casinos sbobet ฟรี เครดิต use on their customers make them spend everything they come in with. It is only known to professional players how casinos can keep you glued to the seats. It is not meant to disturb your brain in any manner, but the aim is to keep you comfortable and optimistic so that you forget time.

No clocks

Speaking of time, the first thing you will realize is that no Casino will have a clock which shows time. This is a pretty common trick among casinos and clubs to keep their crowd as long as they can. Casinos make sure that their customers do not feel the need to be punctual about anything. The entire environement is built like a trance where people are lost in chasing big wins and enjoying the moment. You cannot find any member or dealer of casino wearing the watch either because they are warned too.

No windows

Let us say you came in during the after noon and thought of playing for an hour or so. But when you leave, you feel you came out early as it is still not night yet, but in reality, you have spent more than 12 hours inside a casino, and it is the morning sun rise you are looking at, not the sunset. The reason being  the absence of windows. It is another trick in their sleeves to keep the time hidden from you. You will find illusive graffiti and dim lights to keep you warm and away from any thoughs of the outside world.

Lights, Sounds, Activity

Lights, Sounds, Activity

The lights, sounds, and features inside a casino are meant to provoke you to play more. Ever felt like the sound of a slot machine is quite satisfying? Well, this is because they are built like that intentionally to convey the message to play more, non verbally. It is done to keep the players feel like they and the people around them are winning, so they feel there is are huge chances of winning, and they keep playing when in reality, they might be losing.


One of the most comfortable and classy ambiences you can find is inside the casinos. You will feel warm and comfortable as soon as you enter a casino, and the vibe of the place will pull you in quicker than the door shuts behind you. You will find beautiful waitresses just waiting to guide you to tables and bar, and welcome you with complimentary drinks. Even the carpets on the floor are tacky and mesmerizing so that your eyes are already interested in exploring more of it. The settings inside a casino are often designed with the intention of voking comfort and excitement, which makes people want to stay.




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